news about howto

Added recent items from 1.44 patch.

Data was taken from the beta server, so some numbers might have been changed on the release, so better check real item ingame if you need to be perfectly sure in some item's stats.

If you've noticed some mistakes or just have got any ideas around this site feel free to connect me.

To find me PM Octocat ingame (Remington) or skype: brunhild.wakfu

Artwork: Ake-tan , Koromy , Next LVL

news about howto

Site is based on Wakfu-elements, Official Encyclopedia, Wakfu-elements, and Jekyll's Web API (currently unavailable) data.

This is uncommercial fan site without any ties to Ankama.

Please note that item data (around 2mb) is loaded into the browser during first search(es) for using it locally afterwards, so it may take some time depending on your connection.

news about howto

Search is sensitive to spaces, that's left for patterns like '1 WP' or '3 elements'. Search lurks inside names and 'normal stats' and supports regular expressions. For example, "range|control" pattern will list the items (of selected type/rarity etc) with range OR control. To compare items you can use 'itemname1|itemname2' query.

"+" works as logical AND, but make sure you enter queries w/o spaces, like this: "range+control".

In HC mode (available by pressing "normal" button before the search) you can sort your queries by most of stats by clicking on table headers and by secondary stats with shift-clicks. This sorting (in pair with opportunity to generate complicated queries) is actually the main feature this site was created for, sadly I find not every visitor notices it.